Job Guarantee Certified Course

Digital Marketing Workshop

This program Analyze opportunities and strategies associated with content marketing and other initiatives on websites, social media pages, and digital platforms that you will control or own.

Special Features of this Workshop
  • Training program is hands on Digital Marketing
  • Students are motivated to build up their self learning skills OR on the job learning abilities, fundamental for the applicant's future profession than classroom or theoretical learning.
  • Candidates will learn to develop and execute digital marketing plans, including aspects such as website building and optimization, development of content scheme, use of social media, advertising, conversion and nurturing leads, and tracking and monitoring.
  • Students learn the fundamentals and vital concepts of advertising and communication. Gain a sense of how advertising works, and what mechanisms work best for different marketing objectives.
  • Gain an understanding of how analytic techniques and research processes are being refined and re-engineered, in the multi-media environment of marketing and advertising.
  • Learning the tools and techniques required to succeed in the new media environment.
  • Students will work on live assignments.