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It's all about training, get trained by professionals. Python training near me , training is pratical oriented and trained by professionals. Mostly the near me (Near By) areas students join the class room training. Places near to our office are Dr A S Rao nagar, Dammaiguda, Neredmet, ECIL X Roads, Kapra, Malkajgiri, Sainikpuri etc.

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  • Syllabus
  • Objective
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Benefits
  • Unicorn Soft Labs have been in the training with latest IT Software technologies, having a skillful employee to adhere to standards requirements of the IT industry. Having skillful employees with IT experience to provide a quality education and train to the industry expectations, on completion the candidate will have bright career and decision making knowledge.

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  • Python Language Details

    This course is intended for beginners who wish to make a career is software programming

    This Python Programming training covers the core fundamentals and application programming.

    Learn To:
  • Fundamentals of Python Programming
  • Intall Python on Windows with Pycharm IDE
  • Python Main Function
  • Basic programms

  • Who Can Learn

    Any Graduate or Post Graduate looking to make a career in software programming.

    Python Programming Language Syllabus Details
  • Python Training Overview
  • Intall Python on Windows with Pycharm IDE
  • Pre-requisites for Python
  • Python Training Course Duration
  • Introduction to Python Script
  • Python Main Function with Examples: Understand __main__
  • Python Variables: Declare, Concatenate, Global & Local
  • Python Strings: Replace, Join, Split, Reverse, Uppercase & Lowercase
  • Operators: Arithmetic, Logical, Comparison, Assignment, Bitwise & Precedence
  • Python Lists
  • Python TUPLE - Pack, Unpack, Compare, Slicing, Delete, Key
  • Python Sets
  • Dictionary(Dict): Update, Cmp, Len, Sort, Copy, Items, str Example
  • Python Conditional Statements if , if else , if else if
  • Python LOOPS For & While Loops: Enumerate, Break, Continue Statement
  • Python Functions Functions Examples: Call, Indentation, Arguments & Return Values
  • Advanced Python
  • OOPs: Class, Object, Inheritance and Constructor with Example
  • Python Modules
  • Packages in Python
  • Python Date and Time
  • Regex Tutorial: re.match(),, re.findall(), re.split()
  • File Handling Create, Open, Append, Read, Write
  • Python Exception Handling
  • Python Regular Expressions
  • Database connection(CRUD-Operations)

  • Objective

    Understanding the Python Programming , Main Function, Loops , Object oriented Programming world.

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    Frequently Asked Questions - Python Programming Language

    What is Python? What are the benefits of using Python?

    Python is a programming language with objects, modules, threads, exceptions and automatic memory management. The benefits of pythons are that it is simple and easy, portable, extensible, build-in data structure and it is an open source.

    Which are the companies that use Python?

    Python is one of the world's most powerful and used programming languages. List of the leading companies that extensively use this language includes Google, YouTube, Yahoo Map, Quora etc.

    Why should one learn the Python language?

    There are several benefits for a programmer to learn this language.

    • Python is a high-level programming language
    • It has an extensive library with built-in modules.
    • It runs on platforms such as Windows, Unix, Linux etc.
    • Python is a GUI programming language
    • Python is a most welcome programming language for Data Science.

    Which is the best Python training institute in Hyderabad?

    A large number of python training institutes provide quality training classes in Hyderabad. However, different institutes follow different training techniques to help their students. Find the right institute that best suits you by checking the reviews and ratings of the best institutes.

    What is the average course fee for Python training classes in Hyderabad?

    The average course fee for Python depends entirely on the duration of the course, trainers' experience and institutes providing the course etc..

    Once you complete Python Programming Language, you can apply in Data analytics and Internet of Things or upgrade to Database science course.

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